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Angel Swaddle

Angel Swaddle is finallyhere! Take the hassle out of wrapping your baby up like origami only for them to break out of it within seconds! The revolutionary stretchy zip up swaddle makes it easy to swaddle your baby by simply tucking their hands by their side or across the chest then zip it up!



  • Made from Bamboo and Organic Cotton - A light and breathable fabric.
  • Curved shoulder for babies comfort.
  • Zip cover so the zip doesn't scratch babies face.
  • Double ended zip for easy nappy changing.
  • Rounded sack like bottom so baby can sleep with their legs in the natural frog-like position, this helps to prevent hip dysplasia.


Angel Swaddles come in one size only (0-3months). When your baby starts showing signs of rolling, they must not be fully swaddled. We recommend moving to an Angel Sleep Sack where their arms have more freedom of movement and are safe for rolling babies


We recommend this size for babies between the ages of NB to 3 months and recommended for babies weighing between 3 and 7kgs. The total length is 64cm.