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Ethicool Books

Ethicool’s picture books for children aged 0 to 6 years old tackle the world’s big issues, inspiring kids to create positive change. Printed using recycled or sustainably-sourced papers and soy-based inks, they have been lovingly created to make story time not only special, but meaningful. Ethicool creates classic, heart-warming stories that contain the messages, inspiration and calls to action to inspire, ignite and amplify the young voices of the next generation, empowering them help change the world.


April's Window
Wandering the deserted streets of her local town during the pandemic lockdown, April develops an unwavering curiosity for what is happening in the windows of her neighbouring homes. Windows to life and love, and windows to the soul are all revealed in this deeply poetic and moving book. April’s Window is a visual and literary masterpiece that will captivate readers of all ages.

Written by Georgina Le Flufy and illustrated by Francisco Fonseca

Themes: Curiosity, Pandemic, Essential Workers, Gratitude


Remembering Mother Nature
A beautiful and heart-warming book about the importance of caring for nature and the world around us. In years gone by, our planet was full of so much colour and so much wonder. But recently, Mother Nature has started to feel a little tired and more than a little worried... 
Described as one of the most important children's books to be released this century, this uplifting, exuberant and empowering book encourages all little ones to do their bit to appreciate and help protect everything that makes our planet so special.  

Written by Stuart French and illustrated by Alvin Mulyono

Themes: Mother Nature, Sustainability, Deforestation


Samson C Turtle
Join the wise and adorable Samson C. Turtle for an underwater adventure of the most important variety. Life in the ocean can be anxiety-inducing in more ways than one, but at a sprightly 102 years young, Samson C. Turtle has learnt a thing or two about how to manage fear and unease in the world around him. This visually stunning yet naturally calming book is perfect for any little one who has experienced anxiety and wants to understand how to best address it. 

Written by Clare Flory and illustrated by Lily Uivel

Themes: Anxiety, Fear, Calm


Simon And The Sad Salad
Join Simon and his class as they celebrate at their annual class party. Everyone brings something delicious and extravagant to the party, but not Simon. His classmate heads off on a noble journey to discover why and what she finds changes how she behaves, once and for all. 

Simon and the Sad Salad is a touching story about bullying, disadvantage and what we can all do to help those less fortunate than ourselves. This evocative and moving book encourages empathy, understanding, sharing and above all, caring in all those who read it. Simon and the Sad Salad serves as a beautiful reminder that we never know someone’s situation and highlights the challenges that some children face at school. An essential kids’ book in a world where inequality is everywhere we look.

Written by Teigan Margetts and illustrated by Alvin Mulyono

Themes: Bullying, Disadvantage, Poverty, Friendship


The Day We Went To Away
When we throw things "away", just where do they go? Join us in this stunning and captivating children's book as we follow one little girl's boundless journey to the distant land of “Away” where things are not quite what they seem. A gorgeous adventure book that explores the concept of throwing things “away”, challenging the notion that material objects can simply disappear once the garbage truck rounds the nearest corner. The Day We Went to Away is a magical, but profound wake-up call for all of us.

Written by Stuart French and illustrated by Madison Pollard

Themes: Recycling, Sustainability, Adventure


The World Under Wings
Every year, the Arctic Terns head off on their migration path, but this year, they noice something concerning. When they discover that their home has started melting away, they set out on an incredible adventure to learn how to save it. Their human friends can change everything – they just have to want to! A truly unique perspective on the state of planet earth, observed through the eyes of the Arctic Tern and their amazing real-life migration, this book is a great way to learn about the problems facing the planet and what we can do to help.

Written and illustrated by Tom Gregory

Themes: Sustainability, Climate Change, Environmentalism


Watermelon Pip
Watermelon was little Pip's favourite food in the whole world. And she didn't like to share it with anyone. But when the watermelon supply ran out, Pip had to learn to improvise and to share the fruits of her labour! An utterly gorgeous kids' book about sustainability and sharing.

Written by Sharna Carterand illustrated by Stella Mongodi

Themes: Sustainable Food Production, Home Growing, Waste

When Grandma Was The Moon
A book that will bring a tear to your eye for all the right reasons. Poetic, raw and heartfelt, When Grandma Was the Moon helps little ones everywhere understand that although a loved one may be gone, they're still here in so many special ways. A heart-warming children's book about death and loss, and how we can still see our loved ones in the everyday things around us. 

Written by Stuart French and illustrated by Madison Pollard

Themes: Celebrating Life, Death, Loss of a Loved One