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Montii Interchangable Lids

 Montii Lids are interchangable so they fit on any of the Montii Insulated Drink Bottles. 

  • Mini 350ml
  • Original 600ml
  • Mega 1l
  • Handbag Hero

Choose from any one of the following lids:

Active+ Lid

With a faster flow, reinforced inner, and removable parts for easy cleaning. This guy can take on thirst with ease. 


Bamboo Lid

Our eco-friendly bamboo lids with water-tight seal is da bomb-diggity!


Free Pour Lid

You guys wanted more freedom to pour, and we delivered! Whether you're pouring into a cup or straight into your mouth, our new Free Pour Lid gives you maximum flow!

Our completely custom designed Free Pour Lid comes with flip-top cover and easy carry handle, for taking your bottle on the go.

Dishwasher safe and leakproof when closed.


Sipper Lid 2.0 - NEW!

Our Sipper Lid has had a shiny new upgrade! 2.0 has a new, larger mouth piece for faster flow, and a soft bite finish for extra comfort.

We also updated the handle to match our Free Pour Lid and Sports Lid 2.0 - for easier carrying! 

Remember, all of our bottle lids can be used interchangeably. How handy is that?!

Our lids are leak-proof when closed, but don't leave them open or the water will flow!


Sports Lid 2.0

Our Sports Lid is back and better than ever! 2.0 has a completely custom, upgraded spout design and bigger handle for easier carrying! 

Safe For Under 3's and dishwasher safe.

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