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About Little Giants

Little Giants Kids Store is a family run business that is here for you and your family. My goal is to bring you reusable products that are fun for kids, that make moving to reusable simple for adults, and that make family life that little bit easier (while also doing its bit to protect the planet!).

All our products fill an everyday household need, in a sustainable way. From our awesome products that bring fun and creativity into the kitchen at home, to our lunchboxes and reusable coffee cups for on the go, every product has been thoughtfully sourced and affordably priced. 

We have a number of products that not only encourage kids into the kitchen to learn and help to create wholesome meals for the family, they also have fun while doing it! And, we have also sourced a whole bunch of products that help you bring the excitement and joy back to lunch time again. Watch their faces light up when they see star shaped sandwiches and cucumber flowers sitting pretty in their lunch box! And every product is designed to help you reduce your household waste in some way. 

Ditching disposables may seem daunting when you are first starting out, but in the long run not only are you saving money, you are contributing in small ways every day to saving the planet. There's no rule book that says you have to be a zero waste household, but by changing a few things up with the help of our quality products, you will be surprised how big the impacts can be. 

Hi, I'm Hannah and I am the founder of Little Giants Kids Store.

I am also the number one product tester and raising product testers number two and three with the help of taste tester number one aka my fiance.

Family is number one for me. In summer we love to go swimming and strawberry picking. In winter we have PJ and movie days and regardless of the weather we love to visit the zoo and hang out with our friends and family. No doubt through all these adventures you will see our Little Giants goodies coming with us.

I would love you to come follow my journey over on Facebook and Instagram, where I will be showing you behind the scenes and showcasing how our products can make mealtimes magic and eco-friendly easy for your family too.