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Angel Sleep Cuddly

Angel Cuddlys are here!

With matching prints to our Angel Sleep Sacks, Angel Cuddlys are part of the perfect nap-time story. Made from Bamboo and silky soft organic cotton fabric, they are safe to chew and love!

Fabric: Bamboo and GOTS certified organic cotton fabric
Stuffing: 100% Organic cotton wadding.


Details: Generously sized at 20 x 24cm (excluding head and knotted ends) Naturally hypoallergenic fabric and gentle on babies skin. Cotton is a natural fibre that will better regulate temperature. Traditional, plush comforters are often made from polyester (a plastic fibre), which can contribute to overheating and sweating. 
Cotton will also absorb your scent, so you can pop your Angel Cuddly down your top so your little one will smell you always!


Sleep Consultants suggest that a handkerchief (the kind your Dad might have used when you were little) sized comforter is ideal. It means that it is big enough for little hands to find in the dark, but not large enough to pose a suffocation risk in the same way a larger blanket would. An Angel Cuddly is just the right size and will be big enough for your child as they age.

The Angel Cuddly's legs and arms aren’t just great for chewing, you can also use them to attach a dummy so it doesn't get lost and your little one can find it easily during the night.


*For best safe sleep practice, it is not recommended to have cuddlies in the cot under 6 months, this also includes comforters, blankets or pillows, as they can pose a risk with SIDS.


Washing Instructions: Machine washable, gentle machine wash separately in a laundry bag using eco-friendly washing powder or detergent. Dry naturally in the shade. Do not tumble dry. Do not bleach.


Note - Due to the rich and vibrant colours, some fading is to be expected.