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Bear & Moo Clean Touch Ink Print Kits (3 options)

Bear & Moo Clean Touch Ink Hand and Footprint Kits are the easiest way to capture and cherish those adorable baby memories!

Say goodbye to messy hands and hello to a stress-free print experience. Create timeless keepsakes with a touch of joy, minus the clean up!


About Bear & Moo Clean Touch Ink Print Kits

Our kit features a baby-safe pad that does not require you to touch ink, ensuring a clean touch experience. It's simple to use and perfect for creating beautiful handprints and footprints.

The pack comes with two pieces of white card, to capture two individual hand or foot prints.

The kits are available in three sizes:

  • Small (Newborn)
  • Medium (0 - 6 months)
  • Large (6 months - 3 years)


Bear & Moo Clean Touch Ink Print Kit Details

From tiny newborn hands to wiggly toddler feet, our kits help create a treasure trove of memories. Frame the prints, create a personalised baby book, or gift them to loved ones – the possibilities are endless.

Our Clean Touch Ink Print Kit is the perfect baby shower or newborn gift. Capture the magic of those precious moments and preserve the memories of their tiny hands and feet – it's never been easier or more fun!


  • 1 x Clean Touch Ink Pad
  • 2 x white cards


Sizing Information - Please note, measurements are approximate

Small (Newborn)

  • Internal ink pad dimensions: 5.7cm x 9.4cm
  • Card size: 8cm x 12.5cm

Medium (0 - 6 months)

  • Internal ink pad dimensions: 7.5cm x 12cm
  • Card size: 10.7 x 15.2cm

Large (6 - 18 months)

  • Internal ink pad dimensions: 9.8cm x 14.8cm
  • Card size: 13.2cm x 17.8cm


Instructions for use

  1. Place card on a flat surface and place the ink pad on top, with the ink side facing the paper
  2. Hold your little ones hand or foot on the clean side of the pad, pressing down with even pressure
  3. Once you have removed the hand/foot from the pad, lift the ink pad away from the paper to see the results


Information taken directly from the Bear & Moo website.

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