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Angel Sleep Sack - All Seasons

.Angel Sleep Sacks are your babies first year essential for a good nights sleep!

Does your baby love being wrapped in a swaddle? Not sure how to transition them out of the swaddle without disrupting their sleep routine? Most babies will love the secure feeling of being wrapped in a swaddle. But it can be really hard to transition away from that security if there is not an intermediate step. The Angel Sleep Sack is the perfect transition solution to keeping your baby warm and settled at sleep times, without taking away that snug feeling they love.


Angel Sleep Sack features:

  • Made from 100% Organic Cotton.
  • Double ended zip for easy nappy changes.
  • High quality, durable YKK zip.
  • Wide sack-like bottom.
  • A unique soft Bamboo textured fabric on the tips of the hands to help prevent the sleeves getting soaked from hand sucking.
  • Unique design with enclosed hands on the sleeves that give a slight restriction to help control your babies startle reflex and give them that soothing womb-like feeling, while still giving your baby the freedom to sleep with their arms in any position.
  • All seasons fabric.
  • Comes in a beautiful bamboo and organic cotton blend drawstring storage bag.


So how does the Angel Sleep Sack work?

The Angel sleep sack lets baby have a little more room for movement, yet still giving a slight restriction in the arms to help settle themselves back to sleep. Our all season range is made from 100% organic cotton. Unlike many other swaddles and sleep sacks that get soaked sleeves from babies chewing, the Angel sleep sack has a unique design on the tips of the sleeves which help to prevent the saliva from soaking through and leaving baby uncomfortable and restless through the night. The fabric is made out of a soft, thick textured Bamboo material that helps to quickly absorb moisture. Now your baby can still get the comfort of self soothing by chewing on their hands without it soaking the sleeves. The double zip makes for easy nappy changes, without having to remove the entire sleep sack. Our new range now comes with a belt buckle slit at the back, so you can easily transfer baby from Pram/Buggy to cot.


What is the startle reflex?

The startle reflex, also known as the Moro reflex, is characterized by an infant appearing startled and throwing her arms and legs outward as if they are falling. Nearly any stimulation can trigger the startle reflex in a baby. For example, a loud noise or the motion of being picked up or set down can trigger this reflex. Sometimes the reflex is set off as the baby drifts off to sleep.


*We do not recommend sizing up for you sleep sack. We do recommend choosing the size that best fits according to your babies weight in our sizing chart below, this ensures the best and safest fit for your baby.


Size guide:

Newborn: We recommend this size for babies weighing between 3.5kg and 7kgs. They may be approximately NB to 3 months of age. The total length is 64cm.

Small: We recommend this size for babies weighing between 7kg and 9kg. They may be approximately 3-6 months months of age. The total length is 70cm.

Medium: We recommend this size for babies weighing between 9kg and 12kg. They may be approximately 6-12 months of age. The total length is 80cm.

Large:  We recommend this size for babies weighing over 12kg. They may be approximately 12 months and over. The total length is 96cm.


Note - Due to the rich and vibrant colours, some fading is to be expected. 


Designed in NZ by a Kiwi mum!

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Such a perfect sleep sack!

Love the tuatara design! These sleep sacks have made the transition from a swaddle seamless. My little dude has even been having day naps in his bed much easier now too (he’s been mostly a contact napper). It also gives me peace of mind that he is safe since he is quite the wriggly sleeper

Sarah Crowley
Really love these

Great for transitioning out of love to dream swaddles. Love that they're safe for rollers. Best of both worlds. I've just ordered another one!

Made transition from swaddle easy

Highly recommend! Bubs starting to roll so needed to transition away from traditional swaddle. So worried it would set me back re sleeps (as he doesn’t sleep well with arms free) but not at all!!! Super happy and little one loves it too - thank you for this product will be buying more. Also had to buy the matching cuddly ❤️❤️

Best baby item I owned

We used these sleep sacks from newborn until my kid was 3. It became her comforter, making transition to daycare easier. She loved them, and so did we. Big fan!