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Angel Sleep Sacks - Winter (2.5tog)

Angel Sleep Sacks are your babies first year essential for a good nights sleep!

Angel Sleep Sacks now come in a super cozy winter weight design. Angel Sleep Sacks are made from Bamboo and Organic Cotton with and breathable, but snuggly warm Organic Cotton filling. So cozy your baby won't want to get out!



  • Organic Cotton and Bamboo fabric outer layer, lined with Organic Cotton Quilting.
  • Soft textured bamboo fabric on the tips of the hands to help prevent soaking from hand sucking.
  • Enclosed hands to help control your babies startle reflex without restricting their freedom of movement.
  • Double ended YKK zip for easy nappy changes.
  • Wide sack-like bottom to let your baby sleep with their legs in the natural frog-like position, helping to prevent hip dysplasia.
  • Angel Sleep Sacks gives your baby freedom to have their arms in any position, giving them access to their hands so they can learn to self settle. While still having just enough restriction in the arms to help control their startle reflex, giving them the womb like feeling of comfort they love.


What is the startle reflex?

The startle reflex, also known as the Moro reflex, is characterized by an infant appearing startled and throwing her arms and legs outward as if they are falling. Nearly any stimulation can trigger the startle reflex in a baby. For example, a loud noise or the motion of being picked up or set down can trigger this reflex. Sometimes the reflex is set off as the baby drifts off to sleep.

Size guide:


Size guide:

Small: We recommend this size for babies weighing between 7kg and 9kg. They may be approximately 3-6 months months of age. The total length is 70cm.

Medium: We recommend this size for babies weighing between 9kg and 12kg. They may be approximately 6-12 months of age. The total length is 80cm.

Large:  We recommend this size for babies weighing over 12kg. They may be approximately 12 months and over. The total length is 96cm.


Designed in NZ by a Kiwi mum!