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LuluBug Learning Charts - I can get ready

Do you want to foster independence in your child when it comes time for them to get ready in the morning?

Our 'My Get Ready Chart' will help your child gain ownership and responsibility for getting themselves ready.  Children can simply tick off each task as they complete them for a feeling of success each morning

These fully magnetic charts hare light weight so can easily be attached to the wall so you can display them anywhere in your home. 


1 magnetic chart
1 magnetic whiteboard marker


Task cards

  • Make my bed 
  • Brush my teeth 
  • Brush my hair 
  • Eat my breakfast 
  • Have a wash
  • Get dressed 
  • Pack my bag 
  • Go to the toilet 
  • Tidy up my things
  • Put my shoes on 
  • 2 x Blank task card to write/draw your own task on.


Information taken directly from the LuluBug Learning website.