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Montii Interchangable Lids

Montii Lids are interchangable so they fit on any of the following Montii Insulated Drink Bottles. 

  • Mini 350ml
  • Original 600ml
  • Mega 1l
  • Handbag Hero

Choose from any one of the following lids:


Bamboo Lid

Our eco-friendly bamboo lids with water-tight seal is da bomb-diggity!


Free Pour Lid

You guys wanted more freedom to pour, and we delivered! Whether you're pouring into a cup or straight into your mouth, our new Free Pour Lid gives you maximum flow!

Our completely custom designed Free Pour Lid comes with flip-top cover and easy carry handle, for taking your bottle on the go.

Dishwasher safe and leakproof when closed.


Sipper Lid 2.0

Our Sipper Lid has had a shiny new upgrade! 2.0 has a new, larger mouth piece for faster flow, and a soft bite finish for extra comfort.

We also updated the handle to match our Free Pour Lid and Sports Lid 2.0 - for easier carrying! 

Remember, all of our bottle lids can be used interchangeably. How handy is that?!

Our lids are leak-proof when closed, but don't leave them open or the water will flow!

Straws available separately in the drop down menu. Choose the length to suit your bottle... Mini, Original or Mega.


Sports Lid 2.0

Our Sports Lid is back and better than ever! 2.0 has a completely custom, upgraded spout design and bigger handle for easier carrying! 

Safe For Under 3's and dishwasher safe.


Information taken directly from the Montii website.

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

Love montii products. These lids are fantastic.

Sipper lid

Quite disappointed that this doesn’t come with a straw.. it also leaks even when closed. Don’t think I’ll be using this bottle or lid much.

Hi Annalise, thanks for your order. The lids don't come with straws because there are 3 different lengths so you need to select the size straw you require. This is on the Sipper Lid description. The lid shouldn't leak so please feel free to email me if you would like to sort this out. The email is Thanks, Hannah

No straw

Would like it to be made very clear that there is no straw with this lid, you can't use one without a straw so seems a little off for this to be sold separately, have now received the item and have no straw.

Hi Marie,

Thanks for your order and your feedback.

The reason the straws need to be purchased separately is because there are 3 different sizes of drink bottles which means 3 different lengths of straws. All of the lids fit on all 3 size bottles so the straws come separately for customers to select the correct size they are needing. The straw sizes are directly under the sipper lids to minimise the chance of them being missed. It also says in the listing that straws need to be purchased separately so I'm not sure what more I can do to make customers aware of this. Here is the text... 'Straws available separately in the drop down menu. Choose the length to suit your bottle... Mini, Original or Mega.'
Your email has been received and responded to as well.
Thanks, Hannah

Emily T
Great lids!

We had the normal wooden top lids and whilst those are amazing and look great we needed the sports lid as betwee5three kids they are busy 6 days a week with sports, training or refereeing. So easy access to water was essential. Kids love the different colours too!

Free pour lid

I love the flip top on the free pour lid! It flips up and down smoothly and the covered mouth piece means it stays hygienic and clean when it finds its way to the bottom of your bag!