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Zazi Magic Water Painting Board

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Our Magic Water-painting Board features our magic surface that you can ‘paint’ on with water, backed with a hard plastic frame which makes it ideal for use on-the-go. The board dries back to its original state within 6 minutes (or even quicker in the sun) so it can be used again and again.

Your little artist can create their masterpieces in any way they’d like, whether that be with a paintbrush, their hands or a sponge. Paired with our new water pens, this activity is truly travel-ready, as the pens store water inside. The ultimate in mess-free creativity.


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Water Pen colour may vary. 


  • Unique colour changing material that reacts to water
  • Fully reusable
  • Dries in 6 minutes or less
  • ‘Paint’ on the surface using only water


Size - 30cm(L) x 24cm(H)


Should I wash the surface?
The surface should only ever have water placed on it, so don’t add anything else as this might affect the product. Simply allow to dry then reuse.

What if I scratch it?
Scratching damages the reactive surface. Support your child by keeping sharper objects away from the board and teach them how to use it gently.

Why aren’t my water pens working?
You need to fill them with water first. Take the cap off the end and fill with normal tap water.

Can this be used without the water pens?
Absolutely. Paint with your fingers, a paint brush or a soft sponge. Anything wet that isn’t rough or sharp.

Information taken directly from Zazi's website.

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