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Glo Pal Meets Water Beads


Here is an absolute multi-sensory heaven of a play activity for your little ones!

Meet Party Pal from the Glo Pals range; Party Pal, as the name suggests LOVES a party, so what better way to play, than to provide the ultimate pool party for our little Party Pal with the No Nasties Kids Water Beads!
Party Pal has all the tricks, he lights up! Not just one colour, not two, but NINE different colours when placed in water. Combine this sensory experience with the joys and fun of No Nasties Kids Water Beads and you have an endless fun activity for your little one that can provide so many opportunities of imagination and open-ended play.
My little one absolutely loved this activity and played with these for a loooong time. She popped some White Water Beads in a glass jar with water and created her own ‘Snow Globe’, with Party Pal at the epicentre! She even tried to use the Little Giants Training Chopsticks to pick up the slippery Water Beads; open-ended play at its finest!
Not to mention how easy it is to get my little one in the bath at the end of the day now that she has a little Glo Pal to play with in the water. Need I say more?! 😊


Blog Written by Rossan Donnelly.