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Rainy Day Activity - Popping Paint Balloons


Ok I’ll be honest; our original plan for our Mummy/Daughter fun activity definitely did not include the rain. However, the weather had other ideas, and so we embraced it and we had the best time regardless!


We headed out to our local craft store and purchased a big canvas, we already had washable paints at home, and we used normal party balloons. I tried to avoid ‘Helium Grade’ balloons as they’re more firm and harder to blow up and pop. We filled the balloons with some paint and then I blew a little bit of air in them too.


The challenge was, ‘How will my 6-year-old pop these balloons safely?’. *Cue Little Giants Corn Cob Forks. The perfect accessory not just for little hands to hold corn on a cob, but apparently the perfect tool to pop paint balloons with too! They worked perfectly. My little girl loved being in-charge of her own
masterpiece, happily popping away the paint balloons, in the rain, having all the fun.


Additionally, for extra fun, I watered down some paint in little pots for her to flick paint onto her canvas once she was all done popping the paint balloons; she absolutely loved it.

A very successful rainy-day activity. I am very glad that we had the Little Giants Corn Cob Forks on-hand! They worked a treat and are very versatile and easy for little hands to use.


*TOP TIP for post-rain activities, a warm bubble bath and a warm cup of Nutra Organics Choc Whiz goes down a treat to get those little ones feeling warm and toasty again. Enjoy!


Blog Written by Rossan Donnelly.