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Little Giants Silicone Mould - Flamingos

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Did you know... a group of flamingos is called a Flamboyance? How awesome is that. They also turn their heads upside down to eat. Ok, I'm not recommending you teach your little one that but sending them off to school or kindy with a flamboyance of flamingos sounds pretty fun to me. Now that is possible, with our new flamingo silicone moulds.

Little Giants Silicone Moulds withstand temperatures from -40℃—210℃ so you can make anything from ice to piping hot candy. Made from 100% non toxic food grade silicone you don't need to worry about any nasties.

Dropper included. Colour may vary.


Some of our favorite things to make are

  • Healthy Homemade Gummys
  • Frozen yoghurt
  • Frozen puree fruit

You could also make other things like ice, chocolate, candy and crayons.


Need some recipe inspiration? Check out our blog post here


Freeze puree fruit in the flamingo mould. When you put yoghurt in your little giants lunch box pop out a couple of f andlamingos and add them to the yoghurt. It will keep the yoghurt cold and fresh until lunchtime. When your child goes to eat it they will be able to mix the puree fruit up with the natural yogurt giving natural flavour and a healthy boost.